Cleaning for a healthy environment.

Cleaning contributes to a healthier living and work environments. It has a positive impact on the health and well-being of people. That is the value of cleaning services that Kleenworld provides. 

Cleaning for revenue generation.

Money invested in cleaning generates revenue through increased work productivity and higher customer's satisfaction. We aim to make the best possible outcome and benefits, for every dollar spent in cleaning rather than merely offering the lowest price.

Cleaning for excellent outcomes.

Cleanliness does not happen overnight. It is the result of passion, hard work, and determination. We take pride in our performance-based Clean Standards and Outcomes. We use it as a tool and framework for measuring, monitoring and establishing the effectiveness of the cleaning processes.



Commercial cleaning creates and maintains good business impressions and improves employees' morale and productivity.



Post-construction cleaning minimises health and safety threats and reduces compliance, operational and maintenance costs.



House cleaning service is an excellent way to maintain good mental and physical health of the family by killing common sick-causing germs that live on the surfaces at home.



Steam cleaning minimises, if not eradicates, the use of harmful chemicals while ensuring that most surfaces are cleaned and sanitised using 180 degrees Celsius hot water and 94% dry steam.



Tile grout cleaning removes dirt, soap residue, bacteria and mould on solid surfaces using Australian, Italian and Swedish technologies.



Carpet cleaning method uses hot water to penetrate the carpet using a wand and brushes to dislodge dirt which is sucked up by powerful vacuum machine.


“Kleenworld has a fantastic team who went above and beyond steam cleaning our carpet classrooms. Teachers and students couldn’t be happier with the outcome! We would hope to do business with you again!”

Bryan M. Principal

“Kleenworld cleaners are incredibly thorough. They made our home suitable for the provision of home-based dialysis for one of our family members. We can’t thank you enough for your help.”

Victoria S. Retired Employee

“My family and I are thankful that we sought Klennworld post-construction cleaning service for our newly build 4-story and eight bedrooms home. Thanks for taking so much the hassles and stress out for us!.”

Angelo G. Financial Adviser

“Wow! You’ve done a wonderful job. My home is 100% better than it was. Thank you.”

Antonella M. Property Manager

“Splendid job! My car looks and smells new. I am impressed with Kleenworld’s professionalism and attention to detail. Thanks!”

splendid job kleenworld
Clemen M. Sales

“Thanks, Kleenworld for taking the time in making my newly delivered Nissan to the next level. Could not have been happier with how my toy turned out!”

car detailing kleenworld
Ron B. Customer Service

“We love our gentle hairy giants, Lab and Maine, but sheds of their hair are overwhelmingly everywhere. Thanks, Kleenworld for your fantastic service. Now we can enjoy them minus the hassles.”

fantastic service kleenworld
Tracie F. Adminstrator

“Kleenworld, you have exceeded our expectations! You’re the rare type of cleaners species. LOL”

Prisha G. Writer

“We are amazed how steam technology used by Kleenworld in cleaning our floor, toilets and kitchen has transformed our living space–without the use of bleach and harsh chemicals. We salute you, Kleenworld!”

Albert G. Graphic Designer

“Thank you to the wonderful staff at Kleeenworld. You did an amazing job and were very professional throughout our initial conversations. You were very thorough, and we would be using you again.”

Frances V. Marketing

“Kleenworld did a fantastic and thorough job. We have peace of mind knowing that the state-of-the-art steam machines they used cleaned and sanitized our carpets, beddings, couches, and our baby’s toys. Thank you so much for your excellent service!”

Auprel McNeil Hospitality

“I am very impressed with the fantastic cleaning services that Kleenworld has rendered. Goodbye scum and stubborn dirt.”

Mira R. Steel Detailer

“I was happy to find the property in even better condition than when I moved in! Friendly service and top quality work. Can highly recommend Kleenworld!”

Yan H. Proprietor

“We purchased a home that needed a very, very deep clean. The Kleenworld team went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you for the amazing job that made our moving process much easier. Can’t thank you enough the way you took care of us!”

Joanne B. Sales

“Kleenworld has a team of trustworthy and reliable people. The performance was up to the highest standards. I would absolutely recommend Kleenworld.”

May A. Healthcare

“Really thorough with the work they have done! Will definitely recommend and hire them again for future services. Thanks, Kleenworld!”

Vincent L. Freelancer

“Kleenworld has done an excellent job on our house and did so much more than expected. The people are friendly, prompt, and efficient. Honestly, they are the best cleaners I have ever come across.”

Nyree B. Compliant Officer

“I love Kleenworld for the cleaning services I’ve received. You have done a great tile and grout lines cleaning job. My floor is very clean and shiny that literally reflects my smiling face!”

Esthel A. Healthcare

“Rest assured that when you hire a business with a Verified Badge, you’re hiring a legitimate business with ABN and Public Liability Insurance.”


“When I started to look for a company that would clean my newly renovated house, Kleenworld always came up online. Their friendliness and job performance have impressed me. I  highly recommend Kleenworld.”

Cleaning Performance
John I. Husband

“I and John have entrusted Kleenworld to clean our house and poolside. We ‘ve never seen such a bunch of professional crew with unmatched quality of work. We have never seen our place this clean before! Thank you Kleenworld.”

professional cleaning crew
Carmela J. Contractor

“We appreciate Kleenworld’s professionalism and dedication to excellent grout cleaning service provided. We have peace of mind knowing that our new place is steam-cleaned and sanitised.”

Grout Cleaning Service
Warren M. Hotel Crew

“Your dedication to excellent service is so amazing. Your cleaning crew has been doing a wonderful job that exceeds my expectations. Congratulations Kleenworld for the commitment to outstanding service.”

Andy O. Businessman

“Kleenworld, thank you so much for the professional cleaning services you provide. Your team did a fantastic job cleaning our house, and we are so happy with the outcome of the work. I’m glad to have chosen you.”

Robyn S. Teacher