Australia Cleaning Industry Preview

Australia cleaning industry is worth $4 billion annually. It employs over 3.5 million people from diverse background. The commercial cleaning industry is expected to grow at 2.9% annually over the five years through 2017-18, to $11.0 billion. The prospect is bright for Australia cleaning industry in the coming years.

Kleenworld Success Story

Kleenworld is an active player catering to urban or suburban areas with above average level of affluence. Our success did not happen overnight. Our passion, hard work, precise execution and determination have driven us upward.

Kleenworld focuses on excellent service by trying to be unique in the quality of service we provide. We pride ourselves on its advanced systems that provide consistent and efficient work structure. Our Quality Management Standard (QMS) is the cornerstone of our dynamic and cost-effective day-to-day operations.

We develop the Clean Standards and Outcomes which serves as a compass towards achieving and maintaining an effective cleaning program through the use of a systematic approach and standardised guidelines.

Kleenworld started when Jane, a detail-oriented housewife, and company founder, hired many cleaning service providers. She used their services for end-of-lease cleaning, house cleaning, and commercial cleaning for business sites she previously managed.

Her strong background in microbiology has prompted her to establish a home-based Australian cleaning business. She aims to apply her laboratory and clinical techniques, procedures and practices in each cleaning service the company provides.

With the support of friends and business associates, Kleenworld has quickly grown and became Kleenworld Group Pty Ltd to serve residents, contractors and business establishments in Melbourne. Many have come to trust the company for its professional commercial and home cleaning services.

Kleenworld is determined to become Australia’s premier cleaning service provider, offering superior, safe products and services to people everywhere. 

Check the cleaning services we offer such as: commercial cleaning,  post-construction cleaning, house cleaning, steam cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and carpet cleaning.


Passion. Hardwork. Execution. Determination.

Our passion, hard work, precise execution and determination have driven us to success. We focus on excellent service as the company's primary goal.


Australia’s premier cleaning service provider, offering superior, safe products and services to people everywhere.


We share the fundamental belief that the foundation of our business is our customers’ satisfaction.


We endeavour to make cleaning fun by fostering diversity, continuous learning, collaboration, and individual growth.


We promote green-clean approach in our cleaning and management procedures. We aim to reduce the negative effects of the products we use and the services we provide on human health and the environment.

Our goal is to discard many cleaning products that have been proven to degrade indoor air quality, pollute the water, and negatively impact the health of occupants. We are replacing or upgrading our cleaning tools and machines to ensure efficient, hygienic and cost effective cleaning. We want to maintain both clean facilities and healthy environment for the occupants.

Instead of using harsh chemicals, we apply superheated dry steam vapour to dissolve dirt and kill bacteria. This method removes debris and moisture to leave surfaces almost dry, clean and sanitised. This is our proactive way of taking care of our clients and their loved ones, the environment, and those who work with Kleenworld.

"Putting our hearts in our hands."