Carpet cleaning helps house flooring become more comfortable. Well-maintained carpets add to the aesthetics of the room and the overall insulation of the house. However, carpets readily absorb stains and can be damaged when soaked with moisture. It also nurtures the growth of moulds which can be dangerous to health. Thus, it requires regular carpet cleaning as it attracts dust and dirt which settle underneath for years.

We combine carpet cleaning and caring for your safety, your family and the environment. We use powerful extractor machines with adjustable PSI rating to suit for specific types of surfaces and jobs. Our unique carpet cleaning method uses an extractor with a powerful vacuum motor, agitation brushes, and solution pump. The technique forces the hot water (and cleaning solution) to penetrate into the carpet, while the brushes dislodge the dirt and finally powerful vacuum motor will suction up the soil, debris, allergens, and excess liquids.

Explore our carpet cleaning checklist and feel free to discuss should you need customised cleaning plans that suit your needs and budget.

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Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Carpet cleaning method uses hot water to penetrate the carpet using a wand and brushes to dislodge dirt which is sucked up by powerful vacuum machine


We aim to make carpet cleaning in Melbourne as smoothly as possible for our clients so we can give focus on the best cleaning experience possible. Our carpet cleaning services revolve around the checklist below to ensure that everything is covered. But if you have special requirements, we can work together in drafting customised cleaning plans that suit your needs and budget. 

Pre-cleaning Inspection
  • Inspect particular areas of concern noting carpet construction and soiling conditions.

  • Remove and secure all breakables, such as lamps, pictures, vases and other items from furniture tops.

  • Remove and secure small pieces of furniture such as chairs and mats including plant pots, toys, and other clutters.

  • Look for any spots, stains, odours or Berber carpet loose yarns which may require particular attention including newly painted baseboards and furniture with wobbly legs and cannot be moved.

Pre-cleaning Vacuum
  • Sweep and vacuum all carpeted areas and rugs to be cleaned.

  • Vacuum off excess pet hair and any debris on the decking under upholstery loose seat cushions.

  • Treat carpet heavy traffic areas and spots with hot spray.


  • Pre-groomed the carpet with a carpet groomer or rotary cleaning machine (depending on soil level) to loosen traffic area soil.

Extraction and Rinsing
  • Use powerful extractor machines with adjustable PSI rating to suck up the dirt, debris, allergens, and excess liquids.

Post-Carpet Grooming
  • Set carpet pile in one direction to facilitate the drying process.

Speed Dry
  • Place high-velocity air movers on the carpet to expedite the drying process, if required.

Post-Cleaning Inspection
  • Walk through to point out the cleaning results.

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