Our Services


Commercial cleaning is essential in creating and maintaining good impressions. It also improves employees’ morale and productivity. In a typical setting, people usually judge the world around them through first impressions.  Our industrial steam cleaning equipment and well-trained cleaners will restore cleanliness to your work sites.

Post-construction cleaning minimises health and safety threats and reduces compliance, operational and maintenance costs. Our optimal cleaning strategy will protect your high-cost investment project. Our cleaners will leave your construction project ready for turn over.

House cleaning is essential for maintaining excellent mental and physical health of the family. It kills common sick-causing germs that live on the surfaces at home. Whenever possible, we use steam cleaning equipment. This is the most efficient and hygienic way to clean, and sanitise most surfaces in just one action. Our aim is for you to come home, relax and enjoy free time.

Steam cleaning s the most efficient and hygienic way to clean, and sanitise most surfaces in just one action using boiling water vapour. We minimise the use of harsh chemicals while ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. We steam clean kitchen appliances, mattresses, carpets, furniture, tiles and grouts.  

Carpet cleaning uses hot water (and cleaning solution) to penetrate into the carpet, while the brushes dislodge the dirt and finally powerful vacuum motor sucks up the dirt, debris, allergens, and excess liquids. We use powerful extractor machines with adjustable PSI rating to suit for specific types of surfaces and jobs.

Tile grout cleaning removes dirt, soap residue, bacteria and mould on tiles, concrete, and wood. Our surface cleaning standards provide effective and efficient cleaning for overall and hard to reach areas. We use a combined state-of-the-art Australian, Italian and Swedish technologies.​