House cleaning services in Melbourne though tedious is essential for maintaining excellent mental and physical health of your entire family. More than enhancing the aesthetics and ambience, home cleaning services kills common sick-causing germs that live on the surfaces.

Several studies have concluded that there is a correlation between clean houses and healthy people. The findings also reveal that outdoor air is five times less polluted than indoors. The indoor air pollutants that we breathe in include secretions and faeces of dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mould, and toxins from household cleaning chemicals. The toxins manifested as itchy eyes, runny nose, and wheezing, are to be blamed on an unclean house.

The house cleaning services we provide range from basic domestic cleaning tasks to deep-cleaning. We combine the professional cleaning services methods with the powerful steam-vacuum cleaning machine which is very efficient, hygienic and cost-effective. It uses 174 degrees Celsius heated dry steam vapour which dissolves dirt and kills bacteria while leaving the surfaces clean, sanitised and almost dry.  

Read our standard house cleaning checklist. Feel free to discuss customised plans that suit your needs. You may also check other services such as: commercial cleaningpost-construction cleaning,  steam cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and carpet cleaning.


House Cleaning in Melbourne

House cleaning in Melbourne though tedious is essential for maintaining excellent mental and physical health of your entire family.


Our house cleaning services in Melbourne revolve around the checklist below to ensure that everything is covered. We are flexible to have your cleaning plans customised to suit your needs and budget.
Living Areas/Bedrooms
  • Dust off surfaces including general tidy up.
  • Vacuum carpeted floors. 
  • Vacuum and mop hard surfaced floors. 
  • Clean doorknobs, door frames, doors, power points and light switches. 
  • Dispose of trash to your own rubbish bins.
  • Air freshen and deodorise.
  • Clean cooktop, splash back, bench tops, sinks and taps.
  • Clean microwave interior and other kitchen appliance’s exteriors.
  • Clean and sanitise toilets, sink and taps, bathtubs, shower walls, counter tops, mirrors and splash backs.
  • Dispose of trash.
  • Air freshen and deodorise, if required.

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